Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well, it was an interesting Halloween. It was a turning point for us. It was the first year my little baby wanted to be something gruesome. Little Gerry begged. He pleaded. He threw the "all the other kids are doing it" in my face. And after some careful thought, I decided not to fight this battle. I gave in. I surrendered. My precious boy chose to be the grim reaper- the angel of death. I talked to him about who the grim reaper is thinking that maybe that would deter him. Unfortunately, that backfired. The truth about the grim reaper lecture only made him more appealing. Especially when we found the costume with the glowing red eyes and large, creepy scythe. One thing I was not prepared for was the explanation all of my neighbors and friends would require. They know we go to church. They know this is uncharacteristic for us. So, embarrassed, I had to come up with lame reasons on why I let my child be the angel of death. And with each new conversation, I regretted my surrender more and more.

One of the things God is always pointing out to me is His sense of humor. And this situation would prove to be another opportunity for God to laugh at me. The Sunday after Halloween, we went to children's mass at church. Father Don asked all the kids what they were for Halloween. Yep, you guessed it. My son proudly raised his hand and announced to the whole church that he was the Grim Reaper. And while Father Don was holding the microphone for my son's announcement, he was staring straight at me with the "I'll see you in confession this week" look on his face. So, thanks God for the message. Next time I will fight the battle.

Ben on the other hand was Ben. He refused to wear a costume. He did not care that all the other kids were wearing a costume. There was nothing I could do to convince him to wear a costume. So, I went trick or treating with them both while having to apologize to my neighbors for Gerry's costume and then explain to my neighbors why I was carrying around Ben's costume. And I don't know why Ben insisted on sitting in the blue chair for the picture, but he did. So there they are. And I am glad this Halloween is over.

Wakeland Places 4th at State!

We are so proud to announce that the 32 year-old coon-ass band director from Ken-nuh did very well at his first rodeo!  Wakeland placed 4th which is astonishing for their first visit to the Texas 4A State Marching Band competition.  It is the first time a Frisco ISD band has made finals at state.  Our family is very proud of Gerry and all his students!  What a great experience!  Here is their UIL area show.  The video quality on their state performance isn't as great.  The video seems to take forever to load so please be patient.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wakeland is Going to State

So, first of all, I apologize for not blogging here in a while.  This summer, Gerry went on the road with the Cadets and I started a home childcare business.  So life was very crazy.  I did manage to keep my sanity by blogging a few times on my other blog.  But since we were just hanging on by a thread this summer, there wasn't much to write about here.  Until now.

Wakeland High is going to the state marching contest.  Yes folks, my husband is the man.  He rocks.  He is livin' the dream.  His band earned a spot in the state marching band contest- in TEXAS- the most competitive marching band state in the union.  And there is hope that he will finish in the top 10- perhaps even in the top 5(knock on wood).  I couldn't be more proud of him.

In order to get the students all hyped up for the contest, Gerry is putting together a wall of inspiration.  He invited everyone he knows to write a letter to post on the wall in order to inspire the band to live up to their potential.  I have written such a letter.  And since this is my blog, I get to post it here:

I have seen you from the beginning. I saw the Wakeland Band form, grow and become the inspiring organization it is today- you are today. And I am so proud of you.

My family has made many sacrifices for the Wakeland Band. Mr. Miller has worked countless hours. He has spent time away from me and the kids in order to inspire you to become the young people he knows you can be. He has worried about you, counseled you, challenged you, prayed for you and loved you like his own children. Although it is a challenge to loan him to you so often, we gladly do it. And in doing so, we share in the joy of seeing a group of young people live up to their own potential and add that much more hope to our future world.

You have already won the prize. You have made friendships that will endure through the ups and downs of a lifetime. You have learned life lessons that will prepare you for an unknown world. You have learned to work together to create a beauty that begins where words end. You have developed a self-discipline that many people will spend a lifetime working to gain. You have given of yourself for the greater good of each other. All of these experiences are far greater than a title.

So, with all my love, I send you off to show the world who you are. Show them who you have become. Give them a taste of the greatness you see in each other. Leave your stamp on their hearts. Live your dream. And know that I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am at this moment.

Mrs. Miller
I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

–Henry David Thoreau

Matthew 5: 14-16

Love you Gerry!  I am so proud of you:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gerry's First Communion

Gerry celebrated his first communion this past Sunday. He is so grown up! He did a great job in all of his preparations and was very excited to receive his first communion. Both sets of Grandparents were there along with Gerry's great grandmother, Nanee. Afterwards, we had a very grown up brunch at the house with a cake designed by Gerry and made by his Mom. Thanks to all who have impacted our little man's spiritual journey so far. We are looking forward to watching him grow into his faith as he grows out of his second set of pants this year(I have threatened to stop feeding him if he keeps it up. I can't afford to buy two wardrobes in one winter!)